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Bounce Back: Ideas For Repurposing An Old Trampoline

Posted by on May 22, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off

Whether you’re upgrading to a new trampoline from a place like Tree Frogs Wooden Swing Set Factory or have simply outgrown the one you have, you’re probably wondering what you should do with the—now unneeded—contraption. While donating, selling, or giving the trampoline away are all viable solutions, repurposing the device is a great green option that can help the environment while giving an old trampoline new life. Here are a few simple projects you can do. Turn It Into a Luxury Hammock You’ve likely seen hanging beds...

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Three Fantastic Reasons To Consider Adopting Older Children

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Although some parents choose to adopt children of a specific age, others are less concerned. In fact, for many adoptive parents, the primary concern is that the child be in need of a home and a good fit for what they are able to offer. Unfortunately, the fact that many adoptive parents don’t want to miss infancy and toddlerhood means that older children can sometimes be more difficult to place. If you’re in the process of deciding whether or not adopting a child is right for you, read through these great reasons to choose an older...

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Affordable Adoption Options

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When you discover that you and your spouse are unlikely candidates for having children (from a medical standpoint), you are left feeling a deep loss for the child(ren) you never had. Fortunately, there are children who would love for you to become the parent they never had. Don’t allow your physical limitations stop you from becoming a parent, and please don’t let adoption fees stop you from starting a family. Do You Believe You Can’t Afford To Adopt? Adoption fees can add up to as much as $40,000, but did you know that they...

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What’s Under The Skirt Of A Victorian-Style Steam-Punk Wedding Dress?

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Are you having a steam-punk wedding? Do you want to dress just as they did in the Victorian era? Start building your underwear collection now, because you might be surprised by just how many layers of material women of the 1800s wore under their dresses. Fortunately, your wedding will last but a single day (a very special day, mind you); so if Victorian era clothing is what you want, then Victorian era clothing ye shall have — read on for a list of everything you’ll need between your skin and your dress. Your local shops, like...

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