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Bounce Back: Ideas For Repurposing An Old Trampoline

Whether you’re upgrading to a new trampoline from a place like Tree Frogs Wooden Swing Set Factory or have simply outgrown the one you have, you’re probably wondering what you should do with the—now unneeded—contraption. While donating, selling, or giving the trampoline away are all viable solutions, repurposing the device is a great green option that can help the environment while giving an old trampoline new life. Here are a few simple projects you can do.

Turn It Into a Luxury Hammock

You’ve likely seen hanging beds advertised for hundreds of dollars at furniture stores. However, you can make your own for a lot less using an old trampoline. You can design the bed any number of ways, but the basic instructions for upcycling a trampoline into a hanging bed are:

  • Remove the legs from the frame
  • Wrap the frame in sturdy fabric like canvas. This will protect skin from unwanted burns if the bed will be hung outside in sunlight as well as minimize any environmental damage the frame may be subjected to over the coming years.
  • Tie strong rope at equidistant points on the frame, being sure to leave open a space big enough for people to climb inside the bed. To prevent sagging in the middle, run the rope along the bottom of the trampoline mat. Alternatively, you can use metal chains. However, you may want to cover the chains to protect the metal from rusting.
  • Secure the other end of the ropes to a heavy duty ring. This will allow you to, in turn, hang the bed from a hook in the ceiling of the room or a rope wrapped around a tree branch.
  • Locate a cushion approximately the same diameter as the trampoline and place it on top of the trampoline mat. The rope should secure the cushion in place. However, you can also use a removable adhesive such as Velcro to prevent the cushion from sliding around too much. It’s a good idea to make sure the cushion has a removable cover you can take off and wash whenever it gets dirty.

The trampoline hammock can be customized according to your needs and preferences such as attaching curtains to allow for some privacy. Just be certain your customizations don’t compromise the functionality and safety of the bed.

Create a Shelter for Wood or Chickens

Trampoline frames are very sturdy and can serve as the basis for a chicken pen or outdoor storage area. To make a chicken pen, you would essentially wrap cattle panel, chicken wire or other mesh fencing around the exterior of the frame and secure it with metal ties. The trampoline mat can be left on to provide shade to the animals or taken off and repurposed for something else.

To make a small storage area, you would remove the legs and then cut the trampoline frame in half. Lengthen the size of the semicircles by cutting up the legs and welding them onto the ends of the frame. This will let you drive the ends into the ground to provide stability to the structure against wind and other environmental elements.

Once you have the frame in place, attach a sturdy covering such as a tarp, horizontal pieces of tin, or other robust materials you may have access to. The goal here is to create a place where the items you want to store are protected from rain and snow.

Trampolines are fun to use and a great way to get some exercise. If you trampoline has reached the end of its life cycle, don’t just throw it away. Get more use out of it by upcycling it using one of these projects. For more information about different uses for trampolines, connect with a retailer in your area.